Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Why Paul Hackett Quitting Doesn't Mean The Democratic Establishment Is Evil

Yes, as anyone who has read any left-wing blog knows, it looks like Democrats are in the middle of killing each other...again.

Paul Hackett quit the Senate race in Ohio and possibly all of politics.

Now, I don't think Hackett leaving politics is a good thing, as he is a breath of fresh air. However, he was getting his ass kicked fundraising wise and all in all, it's a good idea for him to step aside. Some of Schumer's methods, such as calling Hackett donors - no good. On the other hand, primaries are only good when they're on even ground where there will be a back-and-forth, not pointless diversions that aren't too close, but still drain money for the general election.

Hackett in '08! - Knock off Voinovich!


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