Tuesday, January 24, 2006

First Post - It's About Canadian Politics?

Yeah, one would think that I, an ugly American from the snowfilled fields of Erie, PA (for the next two months anyway) wouldn't care about a Canadian election. But, I do. Why?

Because I'm a massive geek, that's why.

There was good news though. Even though the Conservatives will form a government, they're essentially screwed until the next election. The NDP and Liberals' outnumber them in Parliment and it's unlikely the Block will side with them on much other than provincial rights and forming a government. So, they have to stick to solid issues (ethics reform) and avoid those things that will get them walloped by public opinion (abortion, closer ties with W). Not a recipe for long-term success.

This election is probably the best news possible for the Liberals, considering there was no chance they were going to stay a majority, barring an act of God. This election helps them out in a few ways...

1.) The Canadian electorate got their anger out. They were pissed at the Liberals, kicked them out of office, and that's that. In a few months, especially after the first "the gays are evil" speech from an Alliance backbencher, Canadians will realize as a whole, "fuck, we voted for these looney toons." Cue the no-confidence vote, and the new set of elections where the Liberals can get a minority of their own, or perhaps a majority.

2). It allows Martin to fall on his sword. No matter the fact that Martin has been exonarated for the most part. There's a stink of scandal around him and this loss allowed him to resign as Leader without the stain of a huge electoral loss.

3.) The Left in Canada can be happily anti-Bush without the problems of having to deal with the administration. Most Canadians don't like Bush, so when W comes up for a likely visit with his new conservative brother-in-arms, shit can go down.

In short, the Conservatives won tonight, but Liberals sure as hell didn't really lose much.