Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Version 2.0 (YAH!)

So, hmm...a year without a post. About that. Let's call this a reboot. A new issue #1 with special foil-wrapper and holographic covers. This time, let's try an introduction post.

Name: Jesse James Ewiak
(Yes, my brothers name is Frank.)

Home: Seattle, WA via Erie, PA to Palm Bay, FL to Erie, PA
(In other words, Cold -> Hot -> Cold.)

DOB: March 10th, 1983
(Other famous people born today: Carrie Underwood.)

Job: Tech Support Guy for Verizon Wireless
(As horrible as it sounds, but on the other hand, $13 bucks an hour.)

Why a Blog?: Because all the cool kidz aren't doin' it. I'm not emo enough for a livejournal,
not cliquy enough for a true Facebook, and not socially outgoing enough to 'blog' on MySpace. Thus, the dorky alternative.

Really, Why a Blog?: Because the world really needs another college kid spouting off about politics.

No, Really?: 42.

OK, What Makes You Different Than The Other 25 zillion bloggers out there:

1. Being poor isn't something that I'm struggling through my 20's with the light of a good
corporate job in five years at the end of the tunnel - I've been poor since birth, maybe
flirting with lower-middle-class for a few years when I was about ten.

2. John Kerry was my first choice out of the 2004 candidates for President.

3. My last name is pronounced the same as the cute, fluffy little dudes from Star Wars.

4. There's a distinct possibility I'll fail miserably and it'll be another year between posts.